Types of Sunglasses and Their Importance

Sunglasses as tools are something with very basic functionality- to protect our eyes from the various harmful components in the sun rays that enter the atmosphere of the Earth. Consider them to be exactly like spectacles minus the part where instead of being used for being used in correcting eyesight related issues, they are used to protect the eyes while adding a whole other sense of style and sophistication to the overall appearance of an individual.


The use of sunglasses in the modern world is not just limited to being used for protection against sunlight’s harmful components. The same concept with a variation in the design and build of the lenses is used in sports such as swimming, cycling, etc, in computer glasses in order to reduce the stress on the eyes while glaring at the screens for prolonged periods, and in a lot of other places. With a wide range of applications, sunglasses have found themselves coming in various designs to accentuate the looks of people in the best manner possible. The business has developed in such a rapid and efficient manner that even the biggest of brands and companies have started to make custom party sunglasses for people owing to the fact that custom made glasses have become a really trending gift to give to someone on their special days. The most common and trending frames for sunglasses at present are-


Aviators can be best recognized as the types of glasses that pilots have been seen wearing for a long time. A thin metal frame with dropped shade lenses has been one of the most favorite design amongst people for a long time now.


The frame design of round sunglasses in not fixed at all. They come in various shapes such as skinny, thick, large, small with either a metallic or a plastic finish. Their name is derived from the shape of the lenses used- round.

Cat Eye

Cat frames are one of the most beloved frames amongst the youth these days. The design may be retro, but the flaunt that they pull off is completely modern and chic in nature. Resembling the eyes of a cat, the upswept angles of the frame are just worth drooling over.

Brow bars

Yet another favorite design amongst various age categories in the modern world. Be it hipsters, the middle-aged, the youth, the young, the teenagers, there are not many that would give away the chance to own a pair of these really iconic and cool looking glasses. Donning the shape of aviators, brow glasses have an additional second stick running from one end of the frame to the other giving away a really funky yet a cool look.


As discussed, sunglasses are primarily designed for the protection of the eyes against a lot of things. But other than that and more often than not, we use them for fashion and styling purposes. There’s no stopping anyone from doing so, but at the same time, it should be ensured that they are polarized properly to keep our eyes safe and comfortable from the various elements looking to take their toll on our eyes. Given the fact that eyes are one of the 5 senses of the human body, it is imperative that we ensure their protection.

Buying Running Shoes: 6 Expert Tips to Consider

If you think buying the right pair of running shoes is easy, you need to think again. There is a range of brand new running shoes out there. In this article, you are going to read some expert tips that can help you find the best pair of running shoes based on the factors that you must take into account. The three most important factors include size, fit and comfort. Let’s get into the details.

Tip 1: Consider your Size

First off, size should be your number one factor when making this purpose. To measure your size, stand up with your shoes on. Now make sure there is at least half an inch of room in front of the biggest toe in the shoes. Actually, your running boots shouldn’t be too tight. This is important for a better grip. In other words, your shoes should be at least half a size bigger than your regular shoes.

Tip 2: Consider the Arch

The arch has a great impact on the level of comfort you enjoy when wearing the shoes. In other words, the heels of your running shoes should be at least 8 millimeters high. On the other hand, height is less in case of competitive shoes.

Nowadays, players prefer shoes that offer more cushioning. Therefore, you can find a lot of models that fall into this category. Also, the soles of today’s shoes are more flexible.

Tip 3: Materials and Cushioning

Nowadays, all manufacturers make use of innovative materials to design sports shoes. One of the most common materials is called polyurethane. Actually, these cushioning materials offer a lot of elasticity to ensure your feet move freely in the shoes. Also, the PU foams don’t care about the temperature anymore and work fine in both summer and winter. So, it’s better to opt for a shoe that offers a greater level of cushioning.

Tip 4: Considering Different Models

You can choose to check out different models online before placing your order. It may be hard to buy the right pair online as you can’t try on the pair you want to invest in. Therefore, it’s better to go to a specialized dealer and try on a lot of models before you settle on one.

Tip 5: Help the Dealer

Just because there is a lot of variety out there doesn’t mean you can’t buy the right pair. An easy way of opting for the right shoes is to take your existing running shoes with you to the shop. This will help the dealers get a better idea of what can work best for you. An expert dealer can help you find out which requirements you need to meet in order to get the right pair of sports shoes.

Tip 6: Choose a Good Dealer

A good retailer will listen to your preferences when recommending a good pair of running shoes. They will ask you questions about your running style, preferences, and other likes and dislikes. They will recommend the right shoes based on the type of track you are going to run on. So, if a retailer is not a good listener, you should look for another.

So, you can follow these expert tips the next time you buy a pair of good running shoes.

6 Mistakes to Avoid When Buying Running Shoes

Since there is a huge variety of shoes out there, opting for the right pair of sports shoes is not an easy job. Therefore, you may end up making some mistakes. In this article, we are going to discuss a few common mistakes that people make in this process. This will help you put together a better shoe-buying strategy.

Caring too much about the Design

Although there is no harm in looking fashionable on the ground, it shouldn’t be an obsession. In other words, you can buy a stylish pair of running shoes but they shouldn’t be your number one priority. Actually, what you need to do is consider these shoes as something that can help you give better performance.

Buying New Models Online

If you have found a type of shoe that fits you well, you can place an order online instead of heading to a physical shop to make the purchase. This is a much convenience choice.

On the other hand, if you are thinking of buying a new model or brand, you might want to go to a specialty store so you can try on different models to buy the right one. So, buying new brands or models online is not a good idea in this case.

Not Caring about the Shoe Size

Shoe sizes are important regardless of the brand you like. With time, your shoe size will keep on changing. Therefore, if you are going to purchase a new pair, make sure you measure your feet again.

Ignoring the Fit

If a shoe doesn’t fit you, it will be useless for you. So, the fit of a sports shoe is the most important factor that you might want to consider when you are going to buy a new shoe. If the fit is not perfect, other things like the heel snugness, toe box room or shoe volume are of no use.

What you need to do is make certain that the shoe upper matches the shape of your foot and won’t irritate your feet. Also, the lacing design is an important factor to consider to ensure your shoe is secure and comfortable.

Buying in the Morning

Here it’s important to note that your feet expand slightly by the end of the day. After you get up, they keep on swelling and will be the largest by 4 pm. Therefore, it’s better to wait until the afternoon to buy a pair of running shoes. This way you can avoid buying a pair that is too big or too small.

Not Wearing Running Socks

The thinness or thickness of your socks can make a difference between a shoe that fits and one that does not. So, what you need to do is try on a pair with the socks you usually wear. This will help you make sure that the pair fits you properly. Trying on a pair of sports shoes without your regular socks on is not a good idea.

So, make sure you avoid these common mistakes when buying your favorite running shoes.

4 Benefits of Running Shoes for Athletes

According to Elizabeth McLeod Sadler, running shoes offer a lot of benefits. For instance, if you put on running shoes each time before you go out and run, you can experience a reduction in your blood pressure and weight. Plus, this practice will improve your lung capacity as well. Although you don’t have a lot of options when it comes to opting for useful equipment, you can at least buy a good pair of sports shoes. These shoes offer better cushioning, arch sport and help prevent possible injuries while you are on the ground. Let’s get a deeper insight into the benefits.

Midsole Foot Cushioning

According to the reports from the American Council on Exercise, running shoes offer a lot of benefits but midsole cushioning is on the list of most important benefits. As the name suggests, the midsole refers to the area between the heel and ball of your feet.

Another report from the American College of Sports Medicine explains that sports shoes can help reduce the stress your toes, ankles, and the heel has to tolerate. As a result, the players find it easier, safer and more comfortable to play. Also, proper cushioning can help you reduce your hip, knee and back pain.

Arch Support

If you have flat feet, arch support is of paramount importance for you, especially if you are going to follow an exercise routine. There is no doubt that the arch support of a pair of shoes is one of the most important benefits for sportsmen.

According to the American College of Sports Medicine, if you have flat feet, you might want to consult a good exercise physiologist or physical therapist so you can opt for the right pair of sports shoes. Although you may experience better arch stability by wearing running shoes, you can still enjoy some benefits even if you have a high arch.

Injury Prevention

Another benefit is that you can help prevent different types of injury if you put on sports shoes before each game. As a matter of fact, the arch support and midsole cushioning can help prevent different types of overuse injuries like joint pain, stress fractures, and tendonitis, just to name a few.

While barefoot running has got a lot of popularity these days, the risk of scrapes and cuts is quite high. According to the American Council on Exercise, sports shoes offer outsole protection, which is important if you want to prevent feet injury.

Better Athletic Performance

If you wear the right type of footwear, you may deliver much better athletic performance than other players. According to the research studies by the American Council on Exercise, you can deliver better performance due to a lot of factors like higher running capacity and comfort. Therefore, competitive runners can enjoy a lot of benefits if they opt for sports shoes instead of regular ones. In fact, even if you are not going to take part in a competition, you can still enjoy many benefits.

So, these are a few benefits of running shoes that you can enjoy as an athlete.

Tips to Buy Sports Shoes

If you are getting ready for your next run, you may want to follow the tips given in this article to buy your favorite pair of sports shoes. Whether you are getting ready to get into shape or be part of a big race, make sure you know the things you need to look for in your running shoes. As soon as you have found the right pair, you will be able to perform much better.

Arch Type

First of all, you need to find out your arch type. Given below are 3 steps to help you find your arch type:

  • Wet the bottom of both of your feet
  • Place your feet on a piece of paper
  • Examine your footprint

By following these three steps, you can find your arch type. It can be flat, medium or high, for instance. Let’s discuss them.


If you have fleet feet, you will have non-visible or low arches. These type of arches leave full imprints. Typically, this type of arch offers more flexibility and may overpronate.


If you have normal feet, you will have a moderate arch type. This arch type will show the forefoot and heel joined by a wide band. Most runners with normal feet have an arch that is semi-flexible.


If a very narrow band connects only your heel and foot, you have a high arch. Typically, high-arched feet may not absorb impact effectively. So, you may need to opt for sports shoes that offer additional cushioning.

Gait Types

Your gait represents the way your feet leave or touch the ground while you are walking or running. If you find your gait type, you can find out the part of feet that hits the ground. Let’s discuss three types of gaits.


While running, the outside of your foot heel hits the ground. At the same time, your feet roll inward in order to absorb the shock.


In this gait type, the outside of your foot heel hits the ground and suffers excessive rotation inwards. As a result, it hinders the ability of your foot and ankle to keep your body stable and absorb the impact.


The external side of your heel hits the ground first; however, it won’t roll inward. As a result, your heel maintains outward rotation. So, the impact affects a small area of your foot exterior.

Shoe Types

Once you have figured out your gait and arch type, your next move is to find out the type of shoes you might want to opt for. Based on the running styles, each type has its own qualities.

Neutral Running Shoes

You can opt for neutral sports shoes if you have arches and your feet roll outward excessively. This type of shoes provides cushioning in the midsole for shock absorption.

Motion-Control Shoes

If you have a flat or low arch, motion-control shoes can work great for you. Also, these shoes feature flatter outsoles and built-in support. This combo can stabilize your feet by controlling the excessive pronation.

Stability Shoes

If you have a medium arch, stability shoes are ideal for you since they have enough midsole cushioning and medial support.

So, these are a few tips that can help you buy the right pair of sports shoes.

7 Smart Shoe Buying Tips for Women

If you opt for low-quality high heel shoes and wear them on a regular basis, they may deform your feet. On the other hand, the right pair can make your life a lot easier. In other words, you will walk for hours without feeling any pain in your feet. Given below are some shoe shopping tips that can help you opt for the right pair.

Do your Homework

First of all, you need to know that there is a lot of variety out there. But your job is to look for shoes that will be right for you. So, put aside a few hours to do your research. It’s not a good idea to give up hope. Patience has its reward.

Visit a Store

Second, you should go to a shop that specializes in traditional, sit-and-fit service. There you should ask the salesperson to take the measurement of your feet. It’s a good idea to guess your size. Over time, feet tend to change in size. So, you may want to check your shoe width.

Don’t opt for a pair if you are unable to move your feet inside a shoe. What you should do is get a toe box that has enough room for you to wiggle your feet in. For day-to-day walking, you may get a pair that features a heel size of up to one inch.

Flats are not always better

Some people make the mistake of assuming that flats are better. As a matter of fact, in most cases, they are not. Generally, flat soles may cause your feet to roll inward when you are walking. Ideally, you should get a pair that features in-built arch support, which will give your feet and ankles enough stability.

Shoe Hype

Some people think that high heel is not truly high heel if it’s not at least 3 inch high. The fact of the matter is that a heel that is lower than one inch is called a low heel. Similarly, mid-height refers to a heel that is around 2 inches high. And higher than two inches refers to a high heel.

Don’t buy High-Heeled Shoes for Day-to-Day use

Experts suggest that high heels should not be worn on a daily basis as they may deform your feet. Save them for special events instead. Actually, what happens is that they put too much pressure on your forefoot. As a result, you may develop a callus, pinched nerve, hammertoe or bunion.

Opt for Comfortable Shoes

If you want to be comfortable, go for a pair of comfortable sneakers. According to many reports, many models have deformed their shoes because of wearing high heels on a daily basis.

So, it’s better to give a higher priority to your health and get a pair of shoes that can give support to your feet and is comfortable at the same time.

So, these are a few smart tips that may help you avoid common mistakes when buying a pair of shoes.

Tips to Style Watches With Outfits

If you want to stand out and look stylish, it is important to select the right watch to match. There are so many options available, but the only factors that will limit you are taste and budget. If you do not know anything about watches, choosing the best can be quite overwhelming. Sometimes you may make a choice based on the function while at others style will dictate your choice. Some of the decisions that you will have to make in the selection process include:

  • One or multiple watches?

If you are planning to buy a watch that you can wear anywhere, it has to be neutral stylistically speaking. This means that it will be so much easier to pair it with almost any color and wear it at all levels of formality.

If your budget allows you to own more than one watch, then the options kind of open up a bit more. You can choose a sleek option and an understated one when you want to be formal. A shiny and broad one can be a great conversation piece. If you want one watch, you have to be restrained and it should be plain. Also, note that a black leather watch does not pair well with leather shoes that are brown in color. However, you notice that there are some leather watches that can use interchangeable bands.

  • Leather strap or metal band?

Metal bands are neutral. The only thing you have to consider with this kind of strap is the color of your belt buckle and your cuff links. Men do not wear lots of metal and this makes a metal strap one of the best options.

As for leather, it has to be matched with your belt and shoes, especially if they are made of leather. Leather looks quite simple compared to metal. Plain black leather is perfect for formal situations. Leather gives that comfortable attitude and this makes it approachable.

  • Case and dial style

The visible face of a watch is what we call the dial while the case is that which encloses the movement and the dial. Normally, cases are metal or plastic made. Apart from uses in outside sports or utility, it is not reasonable to own a plastic or rubber watch, especially for a man. You need to choose the kind of case that you want and there are so many options available. The dials also come in many colors. Some are very simple and plain and it is usually deliberate. Black dial with a metal case is quite common with men. When a watch has more contrast, then it becomes even more noticeable. This means it will be less formal. Plain colors are perfect for business dress code. The shape of the dial and the case are aesthetic in nature. There are different shapes that you can choose from.

Buying a watch has a lot to do with your own taste. You should remember that not many watches will match with all outfits. So as to do this, you may need to invest in two watches. The metal bands happen to be much easier to match even though leather appears a bit dressier and natural.

7 Tips to Take Into Account Before You Buy A Designer Handbag

Purses are the lifelines of women. They are always with them whenever they leave their house. Therefore, if you are a woman, make sure you invest in a good handbag, especially a designer handbag. If you have no idea which one you should buy, we have given a few tips below to help you. Read on.

1. Consider your Budget

As with buying anything, make sure you set your budget when buying a handbag. In fact, you can opt for the best one as long as you are within your budget limit. Go for a well-made product instead of buying more than one.

2. Buy a Well Made bag

Before you spend a good deal of money on your desired handbag, it’s a good idea to ensure that the bag is worth the price you are going to pay for it. For this, you should check the bag properly. Take a look at its stitching, the inside and outside. The hardware should also be good quality. If it feels flimsy, we suggest that you go for a different product.

3. Don’t choose a Colorful one

It may be tempting to buy a colorful bag, but we won’t recommend it. This type of bag will go out of fashion in a short period of time or you may get sick of it pretty soon. So, it’s better to opt for something neutral.

4. Opt for a Multipurpose unit

Ideally, you should buy something that can help you get the most of your money, especially if you are going to spend a lot of money. You may want to go for one that features convertible straps. It’s even better if it has a top handle and a body strap as well.

5. Make Sure it’s User Friendly

Make sure that the bag you are going to purchase is easy to use. Test the bag prior to buying it to ensure it is user friendly. Keeping this point in mind, it’s better that you buy a bag at a local store instead of an online shop.

6. Choose the Right Size Wisely

Size is important when you are looking for a good designer handbag. Ideally, you should search for a bag that is of the right size. In other words, it should not be too big or too small. With a bigger bag, it may be tempting to carry too many things. So, it’s better to buy a medium size so you can only carry what you really need.

7. Try the Bag at the Store

The handbag you are going to buy shouldn’t slip off your shoulder. This is why it’s better that you do a carry test first. Also, it should not leave any marks on your skin after use.

Long story short, if you are finding it hard to look for a good designer handbag, use the tips given above. After you have bought a few handbags, it will be easier for you to make this purchase in the future. Hope this helps.

6 Tips To Help Your Buy Your First Designer Handbag

If you are on this page, chances are that you are looking for a cheap designer handbag. Since designer handbags are expensive, make sure you don’t make the choice in a hurry. So, to make things easier for you, we have put together a few tips that can help you purchase your first bag. Read on to know more.

Do Your Research

When buying one, keep in mind that you need to consider a lot of important things. The first important thing on the list is the selection of brand. You can spend a few hours to search online, read popular forums and ask questions. This research will give you a pretty good idea of what you should go for.

Functionality and Versatility

Make sure you opt for versatility when it comes to making the purchase. For instance, you can check out one that features a body strap that can be detached. This will help you wear the bag in many ways. Moreover, you may want to consider your purpose of buying the product as well. Are you going to buy it for a special occasion or regular use? This will help you make a better decision.

Styles and colors

Nowadays, you can find a lot of popular styles out there. However, if you are going to buy your first designer handbag, we suggest that you choose a green one. But if you don’t have a lot of money to spend on this purchase, you can buy a classic silhouette. The color should be neutral.

Buy at the right place

Where are you going to buy your bag? Are you going to buy online or at a local store? At times, buying at an online store is a lot cheaper than a local shop.

If you have a friend or relative abroad who is coming back, you can request them to buy the bag and bring it for you. This will help you save a good deal of money.

Take Care of it

It’s a good idea to check out a good leather protector; however, make sure you test the bag to ensure it won’t cause discoloration.

Also, you should learn the right way to store your designer handbag. Ideally, for storage, a cotton pillowcase is a good choice if you don’t have the original bag.

When the handbag is not in use, you may want to cover it with the dust cover. Prolonged exposure to the sun may ruin your bag.

What we want to say is that if you want your handbag to stand the test of time, make sure you take care of it. And the tips given above can help you take good care of your expensive purchase.

Enjoy the bag

Since handbags can help you improve your personality, you can buy one based on the tips given above. It’s worth it.

Long story short, if you are going to spend your hard earned money on a new designer handbag, we suggest that you follow these tips and consult an expert as well.

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5 Tips To Help You Buy A Designer Watch

If you want something to make your outfit look more appealing, you can go for a designer watch. As a matter of fact, designer watchers are fashion extras and quality timepieces. They are also a good investment because quality watches remain valuable even after decades. They also accentuate your style quotient. If you are going to buy one, know that there are tons of stores that are selling these watches, which makes it harder to pick the right one. However, we have 5 tips that may help you choose one based on your needs.

Decide on your Budget

First of all, make sure you have saved enough to invest in a designer product. As a matter of fact, your budget is an important factor when you are looking to buy something expensive.

If you don’t have a budget in mind, you may end up spending more than you can afford, especially if you are going to pay through your card. So, make sure you have a specific budget figure in mind before you go to the market to make the purchase.

Wrist Size

Now, this is the second most important factor. If the watch doesn’t fit well, it will be useless for you. So, the one you are going to buy should fit your wrist. Aside from this, the dials, the strap and the face should also be big enough.

You can try the watch at the store to ensure it is the right size. It’s not a good idea to buy the product before making sure it is the right size.

Choose a Reputable Brand

As far as investing in a designer watch is concerned, choosing a reputable brand is really important. In fact, brands matter a lot. Although you can’t spend all your savings on this purchase, you don’t want to spend on a low-quality product either. So, ideally, you may want to create a short list of top brands that you like, and then you can choose one that offers your desired features.


Based on the type of metal the watch is made with, you can get a pretty good idea of the watch quality. It’s important to keep in mind that some metals offer more durability than others. For instance, platinum, titanium, and steel are more durable. Aside from this, you can also choose a metal based on your lifestyle. If you have an active lifestyle, make sure you opt for a durable unit.


Your age is another important factor that you should take into account when making this decision. Actually, you need to know that some products are designed to satisfy the needs of certain age groups. So, you can buy a unit that is suitable for people of your age.

Long story short, if you are planning to buy a designer watch, make sure you consider a few tips given in this article. Buying from an unauthorized dealer is not a good idea no matter how many feature that watch offers or how cheap it is in terms of price. Hope this helps.